Moving out checklist: what you need to know

Moving out can be a daunting process with piles of clothes to pack, endless papers in the office and a garage full to the brim with forgotten hobbies and equipment. The to-do list can feel never ending!

Not to worry, we’re here to make the moving out process as easy as possible with this moving out checklist.

Follow our guide below and you’ll feel confident knowing that everything has been organised for your big move day.

Who would have thought moving out would be so easy!

4 weeks

  • Book your Go 2 Storage unit! Whether you’re looking for a temporary storage in Mandurah or, you’re looking for a long-term storage unit – be prepared by booking your storage unit in Mandurah sooner rather than later. You want to make sure you have a safe and secure place to store all of your excess boxes. This reduces clutter, stress and makes the whole moving out process a whole lot easier. 
  • Organise boxes – make sure you have plenty of storage boxes to pack up everything in your house. If you need packing supplies – talk to our team at Mandurah’s Go2 Storage, we stock packing supplies for all our customers. 
  • Book your rental truck – you want to make sure everything is ready to go for moving day. Book our rental truck again speak to our friendly staff at Go 2 Storage in Mandurah. Now you’ll be all organised for the moving day. 
  • Start packing! It’s never too early to begin packing. Ask family members or good friends to help you pack up your items into boxes. Shout them a pizza to keep them fuelled and entertained. 
rental truck - go 2 storage mandurah

3 weeks

  • Begin moving your items – start chipping away at moving your items by storing them in your storage unit. This allows you to move at your own pace, stay organised and feel calm during the process. Go2 Storage in Mandurah offers a free move-in truck or trailer available when moving your storage boxes from your home to your Mandurah storage unit. Talk with our team to organise. 
  • Forward your mail – the last thing you want is your important documents to be sent to your old address. Make sure you contact the relevant services and get all your mail forwarded to your new address in Mandurah.
  • Transfer utilities – notify your service providers (cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, security system, trash and phone) to ensure you’re not doubling up on bills and paying for your old house’s internet bills. 
  • Notify service providers – contact any cleaners, gardeners, dog walkers, pool maintenance etc. and inform them of your new address in Mandurah. 
  • Back up your digital records – when moving home, you might want to consider back all your important digital documents, photographs and videos to a hard drive. Just in case if any gear gets damaged or lost during the move you want to make sure you have a backup.
Boxes covering man

2 weeks

  • With 2 weeks to go, you want to pick up your pace with packing! Move room to room, packing up your items into storage boxes.
  • Get rid of your junk – don’t be afraid to throwaway any items you don’t want to pack! Moving home is the perfect opportunity to clear out clutter and get rid of any items you don’t need anymore. 
  • Clean as you go – as you pack up each room, consider cleaning the room when it’s emptied. 
  • Consider getting insurance – organise home and content insurance to ensure your items and valuables are covered in case they’re damaged or stolen. 
  • Book a few days off from work – moving is a big job, make sure you have enough time off work to be able to move into your new home and settle in.

Moving Day

If you’ve followed the previous checklist, moving day is going to be a piece of cake! 

You’ve prepared everything you need for a smooth move. You’ve got your Mandurah storage unit packed with your belongings, a clean and empty home to move out of and a brand-new home to move into. Nice work!

Staying organised and working through the checklist means that you can now enjoy the moving process! 

With a storage unit, there’s no rush to move out all your items straight away either. Storage units can be short-term, long-term or, for a lifetime! Feel relaxed, at ease and excited for moving home with a storage unit.