What Is A Self Storage Unit?

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If you have found yourself running out of space in your home, you might be asking yourself “what is a self storage unit?” This blog covers everything you need to know to familiarise yourself on self storage. A storage unit is a secure facility available to rent in order to store items small and large. … Read more

How to pull off the ultimate spring-clean

There’s no better way to move into summer than with a clean house. Decluttering can help you dig up those lost or forgotten items, get rid of dust and allergens and give you a great sense of accomplishment. However, spring cleaning can be a bit daunting, so we’ve put together some tips to help you … Read more

Our Guide to Long Term Storage

If you’re looking to clear a bit of space, and don’t know where to put your excess belongings, a long-term self-storage unit could be the answer. Here at Go 2 Storage, we make long-term storage easy, with all our units being highly secure, easily accessible, and well maintained. However, long-term storage isn’t as easy as … Read more

6 ways to keep your belongings safe in storage

Most people think self-storage is just a case of dumping their belongings in a unit and dusting their hands. Few have asked themselves the question: are my belongings safe in storage? Safety is an important aspect to consider before renting a unit, regardless of a short-term or long-term timeframe. To avoid potential accidents, hazards, or … Read more

Is it worth getting self-storage insurance?

Storage insurance is additional insurance you take out to protect your personal belongings while they are in a storage facility. The cost to insure your property depends on the insurer you choose and what you’re insuring in self-storage. Due to the high security measures already in place at storage facilities, storage insurance tends to be … Read more

5 easy steps to packing your storage unit the right way

Picture this: you’ve rented out a storage unit and you’re ready to start moving your belongings in. You need to know how to properly pack and organise everything you’re storing to ensure nothing gets damaged. Read on to find out how you can protect your furniture, maximise space and keep your beloved items from getting … Read more