Why storage units are a great tool for tradies

Are you a builder, painter, plumber, electrician or work in another trade? Then you know that having enough space for all of your tools in your work van, while ensuring the equipment is safe and secure can be risky business. A storage unit provides the ideal solution to storing your tools in a secure environment … Read more

Organise your space with boxes

Storing for the first time can be a tricky endeavour. Trying to picture all of your belongings inside of a unit can be startling at first but once you contemplate all of those things packed down into boxes it begins to all fit together; real life Tetris! Choose quality boxes Here at Go2Storage in Mandurah, … Read more

Make renovating simpler with personal storage

Renovating can be exciting but it’s also hard work. Redesigning, rearranging, and restructuring your home space is one of the most time consuming projects many of us take on. It’s not all bad news though; at Go 2 Storage Mandurah we can help shoulder the burden.  When renovating your home, a short-term personal storage unit … Read more

The dos and don’ts of self-storage

Whether you’re a first-time renter or a seasoned self-storage veteran, there’s a number of rules that apply to nearly everyone. At Go 2 Storage, we’ve put together a list of our best tips from years in the industry.  Do: rent a unit close to your property In the self-storage world, convenience is the name of … Read more

Choosing the right storage unit for you

Need to free up some room but not sure what type of storage unit will do? Self storage facilities offer various storage options to meet individual needs for both short term and long term storage, and while they may all look the same – they’re not. Indoor, outdoor or mobile, here’s a quick rundown on … Read more

What you should know before renting a storage unit

Thinking about renting a self storage unit for the first time? Whether you’re moving house and need temporary storage, or you’re looking for a long term space-saving solution, putting away your belongings at a storage facility is a convenient and stress free way to go. Whatever your reason for renting a storage unit, here are … Read more

Self storage – How it can help you downsize

If you are interested in downsizing your living or office spaces, Self Storage is the perfect solution for you. External storage units are a great way to temporarily remove belongings from your space without discarding them completely. Downsizing using Self Storage is an excellent way to save money, reduce your impact on your surroundings, and … Read more