Why storage units are a great option for your family

Raise your hand if you and your family have run out of places for storage in your home… Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 

Storage  is a vital part of all homes. When you attend house viewings, the agent will ensure to advertise the amount of storage as a key selling point. However, it seems that no matter how much storage space a home has, you can never quite have enough. That’s where

 Go 2 Storage Mandurah comes in handy. Storage units allow you to store all of your unused items out of the home, allowing you and your family to have more space at your residence. 

Here, we explain why storage units add great value to your family’s home, giving you more room to grow.

Free up your garage space

Did you know that your garage doesn’t have to be used as a space for storage? It’s a crazy thought, I know.

Many families who are struggling to find the space they need in their home, rely on their garage as a place for safe keeping. Bikes, gym equipment, books and all of the kids’ old reports and assignments… you’re lucky if you can even fit your car into the garage! But, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

If you’ve ever thought about making a home gym in your garage, using your garage as a mens/womens shed or, you need more space to store your vehicles… Now’s the time to start thinking about a storage unit. 

Free up your garage space by investing in a storage unit. Mandurah storage units allow for you to transfer all of that storage sitting in your garage to a clean and safe space. Plus, you can pick a storage unit size that can fit your needs. No need to commit to a storage unit that’s far bigger than what you need. Pick your storage unit size and store your items.  

Declutter your family home

As your family gets bigger, so does your amount of things, making the job of decluttering quite a challenging one! Kitchen appliances, furniture, books, photo albums, tech gear, sports equipment and the list goes on. And, what makes things even more tricky is you don’t want to chuck it out! There’s a way to declutter your home whilst also avoiding throwing away items you want to keep… you guessed it… self storage units!

Storage units allow you to keep your storage items separate from your home. If you’ve ever walked into someone’s house and wondered how they keep their house so clean, our bet’s on them having a storage unit! 

Storage units Mandurah are the secret ingredient to living comfortably. Once you’ve discovered the great benefit of storage units on living, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t got a storage unit sooner.

Protect your valuables

No matter how protected you believe your home to be, there’s always the chance of unexpected damage to your household items. We’ve heard stories of clients switching to storage units after their home garage leaked water over some of their photo albums. It’s a situation no one wants to go through. However, storage units offer premium protection of everything you choose to put in storage. 

Self storage units will protect your valuables from:

  • Rain and leaks that you might have in your home. 
  • Burglary and theft. 
  • Items being broken (besides any visitors you allow into your storage unit). 

Choosing a Mandurah storage unit to keep your valuables might be a safer solution than keeping your items in your home. Additionally, you can purchase self storage insurance for extra peace of mind.

Enquire today

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