5 Summer Storage Tips

Looking to freshen up your place this Summer? Follow our 5 Summer storage tips to make sure your house is looking clean and tidy for the season. 

Summer has arrived here in Australia, which means those hot and steamy 30+ degree days. We don’t know about you, but we hate it when the home is cluttered when the weather is warm. It makes us feel even more hot and bothered! 

Stay cool this Summer by arranging your home’s storage. You’ll be surprised at how impactful a well organised home can be. 

1. Categorise your items

First thing’s first, when you’re going through your home storage you need to divide your items into three categories. 

  1. Keep: this includes the items that you wish to hold onto because you either use them or they hold importance in your life.
  2. Throw: be brutally honest with yourself. Ask yourself when was the last time you used the item? Or, does this item hold genuine value in your life? If not, then throw it!
  3. Storage: we understand that there are many items that you don’t use presently however, they are important to keep. Collect these items together for your self storage unit.

2. Get your family on board

Whether they like it or not, get your family on board with organising the home storage. 

It can be quite intimidating trying to tackle a whole household’s storage on your own. Lots of rooms, cupboards and draws to go through with bits and bobs in them you were unaware you owned. 

Does anyone else have a whole draw full of random cords, plugs and chargers? Or is that just us… 

To make the process easier, convince your family to join you with the process. Assign each family member a room, and do some rooms together. Pull out what needs to be kept, what can be thrown away and what can be taken to your self storage unit. Be harsh with your items yet also acknowledge the must-keep sentimental pieces. As the famous organiser Marie Kondo says, “we should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.” 

Cleaning out your home as a family makes the whole process much quicker, easier and enjoyable. 

3. Clean as you go


Whilst you’re going through your household items, grab the spray and wipe. Giving everything a wipe down as you organise, doesn’t take too much time and leaves everything sparkling and fresh afterwards. Cleaning goes hand in hand with organising and makes the world of difference when you’ve finished. 


When you’ve finished a room and it’s completely tidy, you’ll find a new appreciation for your space. Even the kids will agree!

4. Reduce waste

It can be confronting when you see how big the ‘throw’ pile is from cleaning out your home. Rather than throwing all of these items in the bin, brainstorm ways you can give the goods a second life. Ideas could include donating to charities and second-hand stores, selling them in a garage sale or putting them up on Gumtree/MarketPlace. For old clothes and rags, you can keep some of them for cleaning purposes. 

Have a think about who might need that item or how it can be repurposed to avoid taking it to landfill.

couple packing boxes into storage unit in mandurah

5. Storage Unit

Storage units are incredibly useful for everyone. Whether you’re a family and need more room in your home or you live alone and prefer the space – a storage unit plays an important role in making your living quarters organised. 

Here at Go2 Storage in Mandurah we offer self storage units in a variety of sizes for flexible times. We understand each person’s unique living conditions and storage requirements. Contact our expert and friendly team today to find what you’ve been looking for.