What Is A Self Storage Unit?

If you have found yourself running out of space in your home, you might be asking yourself “what is a self storage unit?” This blog covers everything you need to know to familiarise yourself on self storage.

A storage unit is a secure facility available to rent in order to store items small and large.
Go 2 Storage units are private and protected. When you lock your storage unit you can rest knowing your valuables are privately protected.

Self storage units aren’t exclusive facilities but available to everyone from various demographics. Many who are moving house, downsizing or simply needing a safe place to keep various items choose self-storage. Furniture, cars, office files or those photo albums you don’t have the heart to throw out… with a storage unit you don’t need to.

Storage units are a useful tool for every- and anyone who need extra room to accommodate their lifestyle.

Short term and long term storage

You might choose to rent a storage unit for a short period if you are:

  • Moving house
  • Decluttering your home
  • Selling second-hand items

For long term storage, you might be:

  • Storing office files
  • Moving to an apartment
  • Storing tools and machinery 

Storage units are available to rent for both short and long periods of time. Short term storage is generally limited to 1 month, if you need a storage facility for a shorter period of time please contact our Go 2 Storage Mandurah team.

Storage unit size

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes. Go 2 Storage offers a wide selection of storage sizes ranging from 2.3m2 to 34m2.

When it comes to selecting the correct sized storage unit, it’s dependent on what your needs are. We recommend talking with our Go 2 Storage team who can calculate a suitable storage size. Our team are experts in matching your requirements with the correct storage space.

Safety of self-storage

Depending on the storage facility you’re contacting, self storage units are very safe. Here at Go 2 Storage Mandurah we pride ourselves on the security of our premises. Each storage unit is protected with alarms, security fencing, electronic access-controlled gates, security lighting and CCTV. On a regular basis, a professional pest control company conducts routine checks and control programme implementation to prevent any bugs and pests from entering the site. In addition, each unit is self contained and protected from rain and weather hazards. 

Of course, no matter how much protection there is in place, there is always a small chance of an unlikely event (such as a fire) occurring. However, to combat the unforeseen, we also offer quick and easy insurance for your self storage. To find out more information on insurance enquire with our team.

Why rent a storage unit?

To put it simply, storage units make life easier. It’s always unsettling when you have to throw away or sell an item because you don’t have the space to keep it. Inevitably, you’ll wish you hadn’t. And, with Australian houses decreasing in size each year and share houses rising in popularity this is a regretful problem becoming more and more common. You only need to have a quick browse on Gumtree to see all of the household items being sold out of homes. Don’t make the same mistake. Keep your valuables and invest in a storage unit.

Storage unit

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Self storage is growing in popularity for so many reasons. Once you find a reliable facility you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t done this sooner.

If you’re still unsure on what a storage unit is, contact our team or check out our FAQ

No question is a silly question. We’re always here to help.