5 tips to keep your storage unit organised and accessible

Do you access your storage unit regularly, but find you’re spending far too long searching for what you need? Sounds like you could do with a little bit of organisation!

Follow these 5 simple storage tips for quick and easy access, next time you need to get something out of storage.

Tip 1: Identify your frequently used items and keep them front and centre.

Reshuffle your items so that what you access regularly is at the front of your storage unit, not at the back or on the bottom of a pile of boxes. This is where it helps to have the same sized boxes when packing your storage unit, as it will help keep things tidy and also maximise your space.

If you store archive documents, make sure you date stamp your boxes and place the oldest boxes to the back, keeping the latest documents within reach. 

Tip 2: Create categories.

Grouping similar items together will also help with locating where everything is. For example, if you store tools, make sure you keep them all in one section, so even if you need to do some sorting, you know what you’re looking for is in that space. This also helps with seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or winter clothing. 

Depending on how big your storage unit is, you may even want to create shelving or an aisle to make it easy to walk through and see your categories.

Tip 3: Label everything!

If you didn’t label your boxes when you originally packed your storage unit, then make sure you do this alongside keeping a master list of what you have stored. Make sure all your boxes face out with the labels showing. To make it even easier, you could colour code your boxes. That way you can see your categories at a glance.

Tip 4: Do you need to declutter your storage unit?

Have you been stockpiling until your storage unit is full and now you’ve run out of space? Not only does it make it harder to find what you need, but it could be a sign it’s time to sort out what’s actually in there. Do you still need everything you’ve stored? If not, then you might want to have a garage sale or donate your unwanted items. Otherwise, consider moving everything to a larger storage unit to make accessing your items easier, and keep your space neat and tidy.

Tip 5: Draw up your layout.

With everything now in the right place, it helps to have a visual layout you can refer to. This way, you don’t forget where everything is stored or waste time trying to find it.

Need a larger storage unit?

If you’re finding you’ve run out of space, ask about the different storage sizes available for rent at Go 2 Storage. To find out more about our self-storage solutions, or for expert storage advice, get in touch with our team.