The dos and don’ts of self-storage

Whether you’re a first-time renter or a seasoned self-storage veteran, there’s a number of rules that apply to nearly everyone. At Go 2 Storage, we’ve put together a list of our best tips from years in the industry. 

Do: rent a unit close to your property

In the self-storage world, convenience is the name of the game. Particularly for those who plan on visiting often, there’s just no point renting a self-storage unit if it’s too far away to make your life easier. With our Greenfields location, all major suburbs are just a stone’s throw away.

Do: label your boxes

Above all, it’s important to label your boxes. This is particularly crucial if you plan on long-term storage–if you’re only dropping by every so often, it’s all too easy to forget what you placed, and where. Some of our customers even find that drawing up (and leaving) an inventory list is helpful.

Do: pack your items properly

Wooden furniture should be protected against dust, mould, or mildew. Glass, or other fragile items, should be stacked at the top, to avoid unnecessary weight. And, of course, we recommend that items you’re likely to use more often should be stored towards the front of your storage unit.

Don’t: plastic-wrap your possessions

While it’s common for removalists to use plastic wrap, that’s only to stop things from knocking together and it’s only for a few hours at a time. In the long run, it can actually do far more harm than good to your items. After all, plastic keeps condensation in, not out. Over months or years, this can lead to dampness, rot and even mold; particularly for timber products. 

Don’t: climb on top of your items

It almost goes without saying, but we’ve still seen it happen all too often. Where possible, try to leave a clear path out of the storage unit. This means you can enter and exit freely, without trampling all over everything. If you need to reach for overhead items, make sure you do so with a sturdy stepladder. 

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