Renting a self-storage unit? 4 questions to ask first

When you’re running low on space, a self-storage unit can seem like a bit of a no-brainer. Whether it’s for the home or the workplace, a storage unit is a cost-effective way to clear up clutter without tossing it out. At Go 2 Storage, we’ve been providing our clients with the best Mandurah self-storage units for years. We know there are a million different reasons why you might be looking to take on a storage unit so, here’s some of the questions you need to ask yourself (or one of our experts) before renting one. 

Do I need short or long-term storage?

Some of the more common reasons we find our clients looking for self-storage in the Mandurah region include:

  • Storing seasonal goods and tools: tents, ski gear, or motorbikes.
  • Long-term storage: documents, files, archives.
  • Temporary extra space: this could help during a move.

Ask yourself how long you’ll be looking to store your goods. While we usually work to a minimum period of one month, feel free to speak to our experts today for a more tailored solution. 

What size self-storage unit do I need?

Depending on what sort of goods you’re looking to store, you need to start thinking about size in terms of both square metres and overall volume. If you’re looking to stash away goods that stack neatly, it can be possible to figure this out yourself (with or without the help of an online storage calculator). For nearly everything else, it can be tricky to visualise without experience–call one of one of our experienced staff members today, who’ll be happy to help. 

How secure are the premises?

In nearly all cases, you’ll want top security – after all, it’s included in the price you pay. At Go 2 Storage, our Mandurah storage facility comes equipped with security alarms, CCTV, security lighting, fencing and electronic access gates. This provides you with the peace of mind you need to leave your valuables for long periods. 

It’s also worth considering whether your valuables are vulnerable to pest damage. Not all facilities are routinely inspected for pests and, of those that do, not everyone contracts a professional pest removal company. At Go 2 Storage, we don’t just offer these services, we also offer optional insurance cover: meaning your goods are also protected against anything covered in the T’s and C’s. 

When can I access my storage unit?

It might not be the first question on your mind, but it’s key. Many of our clients turn to us for a storage unit for marine and leisure equipment, therefore, you’ll want before and after hours access for when conditions are ideal. Our standard package offers 24/7 accessibility. 

Got any other questions you’d like answered before you rent a storage unit? Get in touch with one of our storage experts today.