Make renovating simpler with personal storage

Renovating can be exciting but it’s also hard work. Redesigning, rearranging, and restructuring your home space is one of the most time consuming projects many of us take on. It’s not all bad news though; at Go 2 Storage Mandurah we can help shoulder the burden. 

When renovating your home, a short-term personal storage unit is one of the wisest investments you can make. Here, we’ll explore the ways in which having your own little space–outside the home–can make your renovation project quicker, easier and sometimes even cheaper. 

More space to work with

The most common reason renovators come to us for personal storage, but it bears repeating: a personal storage unit gives you breathing space. It’s common to renovate room by room, but maybe you’re reworking an apartment (or a small house) and need somewhere to store your furniture in the meantime. In effect, that’ll mean your other bathroom won’t end up stuffed full of kitchen furniture (or vice versa). You can take your time with renovations, as they won’t be impacting on your day-to-day routine. And you’ll be safer–there’s more room for tools, and less for potential tripping hazards. 

On the other hand, maybe you’re renovating a larger unit and you’d just like somewhere to store new fixtures, furniture and lighting options as you come across them. Renting one of our Mandurah personal storage units, in this case, lets you declutter as you work, meaning you won’t have to cram furniture in before you’ve found a home for it. 

Keep your belongings secure

Renovating can be messy and, even though you think you’ve done everything you can to prevent them; accidents can still happen. Dust, paint and swinging hammers, they’ll all make short work of any valuables you’ve got lying around. Larger items, such as ornaments, antiques and framed paintings are all much more secure in personal storage, as vibrations from power tools can cause shattering at a surprising distance. 

Depending on what kind of renovations you’re doing, it’s possible some parts of your home may be exposed. When replacing roofing and exterior walls, your valuables won’t just be open to the elements, it’s also possible that thieves might look to exploit them. 

Cut down on wasted time

When renovating your home, shifting furniture and other household items around as you go isn’t just a hassle – it can also stretch out a project considerably. For a four or five-room makeover, moving furniture can add up to hours over the life of your renovation, eating away at your efficiency and enthusiasm. In many cases, it’s much simpler to clear everything out at the start of the project. One of our Mandurah personal storage units lets yourself and tradespeople focus on getting the job done, rather than unnecessary shuffling things around. 

Somewhere to store items you’re unsure about keeping

In some cases, you may find yourself unsure about parting ways with much-loved pieces of furniture. It may not suit the new style of the room or you may be unsure how it’ll fit in once the renovations are done. Renting one of our Mandurah personal storage units leaves you time to ponder and, if you’re selling some of your furniture, somewhere to store it until you find a buyer.

Got any other questions you’d like answered before you rent a storage unit? Get in touch with one of our experienced staff members today.